Not all foundation repair methods are the same. There are different ways to repair a damaged foundation and the method of choice will depend on a lot of things. Before, foundation repair mainly uses concrete. Now, there are a lot of other options to choose from. 


If you want to know which option suits your property best, it’s necessary that you consult with an expert in foundation repair NYC. These professionals will help you strengthen the base of your property so you can live safely and securely in it, and with total peace of mind, too.  

  1. Steel pier foundation repair 

In this method, steel piers are used for the repairs. This is a breakthrough in the foundation repair industry as it takes lesser time to install steel piers and the method disturbs the landscape the least. Steel piers became a good alternative to concrete piers and over time, this method has become data-driven and more technical.  

  1. Helical pier foundation repair 

Aside from concrete and steel piers, helical piers are used as well. In fact, helical piers are used for interior slap repair as well. They can also be used for new construction. Helical piers are best used for homes that have porch columns and vinyl siding.  

  1. Concrete pier foundation repair 

For the longest time, the concrete pier has been used to restore any damage to the foundation. In fact, it’s still being used today. The reason for that is this option offers a permanent fix to the problem, although it has some drawbacks. For starters, it is more expensive than the other options. The second reason is it requires a lot of digging into your yard, which means more restoration and further cleaning is needed.  

  1. High-density polyurethane foam concrete repair 

In this method, the foundation repair contractors will simply inject the foam into the grid near the center of the affected part. It can quickly repair a damaged foundation, and it’s quite affordable, too. However, one downside is that the polyurethane foam may clog HVAC ducts running through the floors.  

  1. Segmented pier foundation repair

The use of segmented piers is a relatively new technology. This option is getting popularity these days due to the method’s cost-effectiveness. So, if you’re looking for a repair option that’s easy on the budget, you might want to opt for this one.  

  1. Spot pier foundation repair

Spot piers are hand-dug, shallow piers filled with concrete. This repair option is a good one for areas with a relatively light load, like porches. If you want to know if this method will work for your home, consult with an expert in foundation repair NYC. 

Now that you know that there are many options available to you when it comes to foundation repair, talking to different contractors should be easier. Do a little bit more research about these methods so when a contractor offers a certain option for you, you’d know what they’re talking about. You’ll also understand what the process entails. That should allow you to decide correctly on which to apply to your home.