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Jacob Merritt Howard

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Jacob Merritt Howard
(b. July 10, 1805 in Shaftsbury, Vermont d. April 2, 1871 in Detroit, Michigan)


Jacob Merritt Howard was US Representative and US Senator from Michigan.

By teaching, he gained the means of obtaining an education at Williams College, where he was graduated in 1830.

Removing to Detroit, Michigan, in 1832, he studied law, was admitted to the bar the next year, and was a member of the legislature in 1838.

In 1840 he was elected to congress as a Whig congressman, serving from 1841 till 1843, and in 1854-'8 was attorney-general of Michigan.

In 1854 Mr. Howard drew up the platform of the first convention ever held by the Republican party, and is accredited with giving the party its name.

He was elected to the United States senate in 1862, as a Republican, to fill the unexpired term of Kinsley S. Bingham deceased, was re-elected in 1865, and served until 3 March, 1871. He favored harsh reconstruction measures.

One of the signers of the
Anti-Slavery Constitutional Amendment 1865

During his term as senator he was chairman of the ordnance committee. He was a delegate to the Philadelphia loyalist convention of 1866, and in that year Williams College gave him the degree of LL. D.

He published a "Translation from the French of the Secret Memoirs of the Empress Josephine" (New York, 1847).


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