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Volney Erskine Howard

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John Howard
Volney E. Howard

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Volney Erskine Howard
(b: October 22, 1809 d: May 14, 1889)

Volney Erskine Howard was an American lawyer, statesman, and jurist.

He received a good English education, studied law, and, having been admitted to the bar, began to practice in 1830 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

In 1837 he was appointed reporter of the court of errors and appeal, and was during several years the editor of the "Mississippian", a Democratic newspaper published at Vicksburg.

While in Mississippi Mr. Howard fought a duel with Sergeant S. Prentiss, and another with Alexander G. McNutt.

He removed to San Antonio, Texas, in 1847, and was elected a representative from that state in two successive congresses, serving from 3 December, 1849, till 3 March, 1853. He took an active part in favor of the Missouri compromise measures, and was sent by the President of the United States to California on a mission regarding the organization of that state. He subsequently resided in California.

Mr. Howard published "Mississippi Law Reports, 1834-'44" (7 vols., Philadelphia, 1839-'44); and, in conjunction with A. Hutchinson. "Statute Laws of Mississippi" (1840).

Biographical Sketch of Volney E. Howard
From: Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans, Johnson, Rossiter, editor

Volney E. Howard, representative, was born in Norridgewock, Maine, in 1808. He was a lawyer in Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1830-47, during which time he was also reporter of the court of errors and appeals, and editor of the Mississippian, the organ of the Democratic party of that state. His position as editor brought him into the political controversies of the day, and he fought a duel with Sergeant S. Prentiss, the celebrated orator, also a native of Maine, and another with Alexander G. McNutt, a member of the state legislature, and afterward governor of the state. He removed to San Antonio, Texas, in 1847, where he was active in securing the annexation of the state, and was elected one of its first representatives in Congress, serving in the 31st and 32d Congresses, 1849-53. He favored the Missouri Compromise, and in 1849 was sent to California by President Taylor on a special mission regarding the admission of the territory as a state. He returned to California after the close of his second term in Congress, and continued his residence in that state during the remainder of his life. He published: Mississippi Law Reports, 1834-44 (7 vols., 1839-44), and with A. Hutchinson, Statute Laws of Mississippi (1840). He died in Santa Monica, Cal., May 14, 1889.


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